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AI based LinkedIn
Relationship Manager

AI delivered and privately hosted in Switzerland by:Sussie AI

Unlock the potential of your network to drive sales, recruit talent, and foster growth.

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with your network, it is your net worth!

Social Inbox will manage all your connections from Linkedin, Sales Navigator and Recruiter. Smart inbox to run live chats in a proper UX experience, message in bulk and much more with AI.

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Connections Manager

Streamline your LinkedIn contacts effortlessly, all neatly organized in a single, clutter-free table.

  • Sort and filter your contacts seamlessly
  • Access essential contact details with convenient Sidebars
  • Enhance organization with Tags and Notes
  • Gain a comprehensive network overview through the Dashboard

Smart LinkedIn Inbox

Experience an intelligent LinkedIn inbox where efficiency reigns. Let us take the helm, saving you time and ensuring you never overlook a pivotal conversation.

  • Pin, star, filter, and tag your conversations
  • Utilize customizable message templates
  • Craft and send personalized messages tailored to your connections.
  • Supports Sales Navigator Support and Regular LinkedIn

Data Integration

Leverage the wealth of data from your contacts to enhance your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

Data Integration

Bulk Messaging

Automatically send up to 50 messages to contacts at a time.

Bulk Messaging

AI Replies

Use Demand’s trained LinkedIn GPT model built and hosted by SuisseAI in Switzerland. This make your data safe and never shared with anyone.

AI Replies
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Social Inbox?

Keep your network in sync, and never miss a way to reconnect and sell more.

Sales PeopleSales People

Improve your team’s meetings and decrease meeting bloat while keeping everyone aligned.


Empower your teams to keep track and follow-up on work that happens across teams.

Trusted by over 10,000 people, including teams at

"SocialInbox is an indispensable tool for effectively managing your LinkedIn connections when they become overwhelming and challenging to handle efficiently."

Rachelle Young, Program Director
The Next Web

"What sets SocialInbox apart is its flawless integration with LinkedIn, offering a smooth experience without any hiccups. Moreover, the ability to add tags, notes, and the powerful search function make it an absolute lifesaver for users like you."

Jason Laster, CEO
Easy and Fast
The perfect
Linkedin Messenger

Finally a LinkedIn Messenger that is not violating their terms, and that combines the inboxes on LinkedIn in realtime, and make it easy to sort, tag and reach back to your network.

The Perfect Linkedin Messenger
Protection in
every direction.

SocialInbox is hosted in Switzerland safe guarded by security and world class data protection laws.

Swiss and EU Hosted, GDPR an CCPA compliant

Swiss and EU Hosted, GDPR an CCPA compliant

Hosted in secure servers in Europe, undergoing security reviews weekly. AI models are hosted in Switzerland for further privacy and never shared.

LinkedIn User agreement

LinkedIn User agreement

You have the right to access and transfer your data as per LinkedIn. Link to 4.2 Rights to Access and Control Your Personal Data.

AI model is private

AI model is private

The AI model is private and hosted in Switzerland and never shared with anyone.

Automatic & Secure Backups

Automatic & Secure Backups

Content is automatically and securely stored through cloud backups with advanced encryption and robust storage protocols.

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